There used to be a show on TV called Candid Camera. Perhaps it’s still shown on some cable channels. The major premise of the show was that people would do the most absurd things if they were told it had been ordered by some authority figures. Call it gross gullibility. For example they put a sign on a major highway where you could turn around saying-“Delaware Is Closed For Today.” Sure enough almost all motorists would make a u-turn and head the other way.

My favorite one was at the airport. When people got to Security there was a sign saying that the metal detection machine was broken so they would have to lie down flat on the conveyor belt that they put their carry-on bags on and pass under the X-ray machine(a phony of course) that their carry-on bags went under. Lying flat as they they passed under the phony X-ray machine the phony “technician” who was peering at the phony machine would make comments like-“That was quite a donut you had for breakfast,” or “If I were you I would get that gallbladder checked out.” (Whenever I need a good laugh I still think of that stunt.) Anyway the point I’m trying to make is that 15 out of 16 people agreed to go through this ridiculous charade because it was required by the “authorities.” Talk about gullibility.

Which brings us back to the Republican primaries. The latest polls are saying that Newt Gingrich is leading for the Republican nomination. Over in the White House they’re doing a rain dance praying for this to come true since they view Romney The Dishonorable as the more formidable candidate. Newt used to be quite the firebrand when he was Speaker of the House in the mid-90s to the point that his own party finally booted him out of Congress. Now he’s trying to portray himself as all mellow and cuddly and grand-fatherly. Good ole lovable Newt.

Back in 1995 he caused the Government to shut down for 3 weeks, by not allowing the requisite appropriations bills to pass through the House. This was supposedly because Bill Clinton dissed him on Air Force 1. Clinton hung tough and eventually Newt caved in and the Government was back in operation after 3 weeks of stand-off. By 1996 when Clinton ran for re-election Newt’s popularity was roughly the same as Saddam Hussein’s ratings. When it became clear that Bob Dole(a decent enough fellow) was to be the GOP nominee the Clinton camp started running TV ads showing Gingrich giving one of his firebrand speeches with Bob Dole and some other Senators lingering in the backround. In effect Clinton was running against Gingrich with Dole being the unfortunate bystander. From that point on Bob Dole’s goose was cooked. He hadn’t been formerly nominated yet buy he already lost the election.

As I’ve said, now Newt is trying to appear all mellow and lovable but the old Newt still erupts from time-to-time. He’s already said that child labor laws should be repealed so poor young children can go to work cleaning toilets.( What he really meant was that  poor kids could go clean rich kids toilets so they can learn at an early age their proper role in our capitalist system.) He also threatened to fire judges and abolish entire courts like the 9th circuit court of appeals because he didn’t like their decisions. And here all along I thought we were living under a constitutional system of government thingy. With statements like that you can understand the rain dance going on in the WH on Newt’s behalf.

Next time I promise to talk about Michelle Bachman, Ron Paul  and the bible-thumper from Texas. They’re all such a fun group that I could write a blog longer than the dead sea scrolls about them. In the meantime we could all break in into spontaneous singing. Again I ask where’s Herman Cain when you need him.

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