Most people hate reality. It’s so discomforting, often painful and just ugly and messy in general. Therefor, a lot of people construct various layers of delusions under which they can crawl and become all warm and comfy.

Take Donald Trump. Please. (Okay so I’m not Henny Youngman. For those of you too young to remember, Henny Youngman was a comedian that opened each act with the line-“Take my wife. Please.”) Early in the Republican debates Donald Trump whose huge ego and narcissism makes the Grand Canyon look like a crack in the sidewalk shot to the top of the GOP polls. He did this by claiming “his people” had assured him that President Obama was not really born in the US and therefor not eligible to be President. Of course “his people” were affectionately known as the “birthers” and they were so far out in delusional space that even the lunatic fringe called them lunatics. So The Donald shot up in the polls briefly, and became the flavor of the week, as Sarah Palin so luridly put it. Of course he got shot right back down when Obama produced his birth certificate showing him born in Hawaii. Thereupon The Donald picked up his bat, ball and glove and said-the hell with you all, if I can’t play none of you can play-or words to that effect, withdrew from the GOP primary spectacle, and stormed on home.

From then on we’ve had different flavors(I assume Palin was referring to ice cream, but who knows) almost on a weekly basis. There was the bible thumper from Texas, Rick Perry who shot to the top of the charts only to mangle his stage performances so badly that he came crashing down. Now he’s pinning all his hopes on the fact that evangelicals will be so seduced by his anti-abortion, anti-gay rhetoric that he can somehow pull out a win in Iowa. The polls say no so maybe the evangelicals are not as delusional as he assumes.

Then there was good old Herman Cain who shot to the top because he was such a swell guy. He came out with his 9-9-9 plan which I assumed was 9 pizza toppings and 9 breadsticks for 9 dollars. What a deal. Imagine my disappointment when it turned out to be some cock-amamie economic scheme. Still Herman was flying high until a bunch of floozies ganged up to bring him down. The right-wing media tried to portray these women as the worst sort of lying floozies( such a fun word)  but it was enough to crash-and-burn his campaign. Herman you old devil you.

Let us not forget Michelle Bachman who at one point was at the top of the charts. Talk about the delusional state she inhabits which is where the Tea Party crackpots hangout. Earlier in the year when they had that budget crises fiasco, she pronounced that she would fund the Government with only tax receipts and absolutely no further debt. Never mind that tax receipts fund only 60% of Govt. expenses while 40% has to be borrowed. She said that there would be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Defense and interest on the debt which already well exceeds 60%. She still wouldn’t borrow. But I found out how she would fund the rest of Govt. Being in the delusional state she’s usually in, she would simply sprinkle pixie dust on the unfunded part and viola, it’s taken care of.

Leave us also not forget Mitt Romney who will likely be the eventual nominee. What Rick Perry tried to say in an earlier debate but horribly butchered it was that: Romney was for legalized abortion before he was against it, he was for universal health care before he was against it, he was for gay rights before he was against them, he was for government assisting the poor and elderly before he was against it, and on and on. But you get the picture. The Obama camp should run TV ads called Romney versus Romney showing his different positions on all key issues. He has the core beliefs of a fruit-fly but as Rick Perry said-he’s one good-looking dude.

Last but not least let us not forget Sarah Palin. Although she said she’s not running she keeps making tantalizing statements that she may jump in after-all. In case you’re sleeping too peacefully these days just picture her shrill voice lecturing you for the next 4  years. I can’t help think however, that she’s secretly rooting for Obama to win. Then she can sweep in, in 2016, still a young woman, pick up the pieces and go on to the Presidency. Sleep tight folks.

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