Just a couple of points I wanted to make regarding my previous blog. Since this was going to be a classy affair my wife convinced me to wear a suit and tie. I had to wear a suit and tie every day that I  worked which was for many, many years so when we moved to Las Vegas I was determined to rid myself of that. And indeed the only times I dressed like that since being here was for weddings and funerals and fun stuff like that. The only problem was that the one usable suit I had no longer fit. In my case it was the opposite of what usually happens to men. Most men gain too much weight but in my case I lost too much and the suit was “swimming” on me. But we found a useable sport outfit and with a refreshing at the cleaners and a spiffy new shirt and tie my wife bought me, we were off.

When it comes to attire, at least here in Las Vegas there are usually two types of men-those that are overly formal for most occasions and those that dress like slobs. The overly formal type will wear a suit and tie to play ping pong, go bowling or eat at the counter in Big Al’s Sloppy Joes Shack in one of the casinos. They’re usually seniors who were alive during the Depression when men stood on bread lines but still wore at least sport jackets.I guess it’s a holdover type thing.

The informal types will wear shorts a t-shirt and sandals under any condition.They’re usually younger men and tourists but include some seniors too. They’re attitude is that since Las Vegas is in the desert where it’s always sunny and hot, shorts and t-shorts will always be their standard attire. Actually there are more than a few days in the winter here when daytime temperatures don’t climb above the 40s and nighttime temperatures drop into the 20s but that doesn’t dissuade them from the shorts and t-short routine. Their lips may be turning blue as they cruise through the casinos but, hey, thats a small price to pay for being cool.

The other point I wanted to make is what I call the-“I-will-never-be the-first-one-to break-up-the-party” syndrome. I don’t recall this syndrome existing in my earlier years, although maybe it did and I can’t remember(that senior thing again.) Anyway it certainly exists today. It consists of an overwhelming fear of letting on that you’re bored, tired and dying to get out of there and go home but can’t show it by being the first one to leave. Since I have little patience it usually falls on my shoulders to perform this. I often wonder at how they break up at functions that I don’t attend. Maybe they should hire me to do this for them.

I remember years ago being invited to a New Years Eve party at someone’s house. Although we were all seniors we were determined to stay up and at least see the fireworks from”the Strip” at midnight(which is usually an impressive display.) After viewing them on TV you could sense that everyone was dying to get out of there but no one would make the first move. Guys were lolling around with their hands in their pockets as if to say”Oh yeah, I could hang around here until 5 in the morning,no sweat.” Finally at about 12:20 someone(probably me) said maybe we should call it an evening. The next thing I knew I was being overrun by a stampede of thundering buffalo or so it seemed as people rushed by me into the bedroom where their coats were piled up on a bed. So it was at the birthday gathering. One could sense everyone wanted to leave but we all just sat there. Finally I stood up mainly to stretch my back which becomes sore if I sit too long(again the senior thing.) Suddenly it was kissy-kissy, huggy-huggy and we were out-of-there. Thus ended the event.

In future blogs I’ll probably talk a lot about religion and politics subjects generally verboten among seniors. If you try to discuss these topics with seniors they hastily make a sign of the cross and look for a wooden stake to drive through your heart figuring your at least a vampire ready to sink your fangs into their throats. Until then don’t take things too seriously, it’s not worth it.

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