The following was observed an overheard very recently at Republican National Headquarters:

David needed a break as he stood up from his desk, went out of his office and leaning against the wall rubbed his eyes. He had been eyeing  the new secretary just down the hall from his office.  Tall, dark hair, dark eyes, obviously both smart and pretty, she was his type of woman. Although he had to admit that just about any woman was his type. As luck would have it she also got up and started heading his way.

“Hi” he said. “Want to grab a cup of coffee.” (David always prided himself on being able to come right to the point.) “Sure” She replied. “I’m David” he said. “I do mainly research around here but also almost everything else they throw my way.”  “I’m Juliet, but just call me Julie” she said staring at the floor.

They wandered to to the coffee room where he made himself the double expresso he usually had in mid-mornings, from the elaborate coffee machine they recently installed. She merely took a cup of de-caf with a little cream.

“So you’re pretty new around here aren’t you” David asked. “Been here about a week-and-a half” she said in a non-commital tone. “So you’re not all pumped about the coming election this year” he said slightly surprised. “It’s a job, David, what can I say. The pay isn’t great but it suffices until I can find something better. I was out-of-work and this offer came along. It’s not exactly what I dreamed of doing when I was a young girl.”

“Well I’m pumped about getting that idiot we have for a President out-of-there and one of our guys in” he said. ” You should be more enthused about the cause.”  “Why David” she replied.” Isn’t this whole process just one giant bullshit scam, each party trying to out-smear the other guy. Which ever candidate has the most money to buy the election wins. You know that.”

“Well it”s not bullshit for me” he replied a little heatedly. “Besides the Dems being for this big government shit with everybody dependent on it they are beyond incompetent and clueless. You know in the mid- 1980s they had what they called the fairness doctrine. If you broadcast one type of political view on radio or TV you had to counter it with the opposing view. Well Reagan took that down and the Dems never had a clue that Reagan was shoving it so far up their assholes that it went into their gullets. Now you have the Rush Limbaughs and all the Rush wannabes and Fox News giving the GOP millions of new voters that wouldn’t likely have. As I said the Democrats were and are totally oblivious.

“You’ve bought into the whole nine yards haven’t you David. Did you ever hear of Lee Atwater?”  “Sure” he replied. “He ran old-man Bush’s campaign in 1988.”  “Yes, he was Bush The Elder’s consigliere the way Karl Rove was Bush The Junior’s hit man” replied Julie. “Shortly after he got Bush elected in 1988 he came down with a brain tumor. Cancer therapies being what they were back then he didn’t have much hope for survival even though he was only in his late-30s. When it became apparent he was going to die he tried to make his peace with his God by apologizing to all the people he smeared on his way up the latter. He sent letters of apology for all the people he destroyed in South Carolina, his base of operations. He even sent a long letter of apology to Michael Dukakis who he mercilessly smeared in the 1988 election. He died in 1991 at age 40 but in the end he tried to save his soul. You know David, I’m not just some dumb typist. I might even know a thing or two.”

“Oh, jeez, you’re not going to throw the religion thing at me,” replied David getting more exasperated. “Isn’t it enough that I have to put up with all the bible-thumpers in my own party.”

“I’m not talking about religion David, I’m talking about what kind of human being you want to be. Your a lawyer aren’t you” she said. “Yes I am, and what are you” he replied.  “I have a B.A. From GWU” she said without emotion. “Great” he replied. “While I was busting my chops studying for the bar exam you were reading Proust.”

“David do really you know how great it is to be a lawyer. You could help people being foreclosed out of their houses that they’ve been living in for decades. You could help someone being falsely accused of a crime he didn’t commit and looking at a big time jail sentence or worse. There’s so much you could with a law degree to help others.”

“Yeah well I kind of got into this habit many years of eating and would sort of miss it if I had to give it up. Last I looked those other things you mentioned don’t pay a hell-of-a lot. What you may consider bullshit is my livelihood. And besides you don’t think the Dems have exactly my counterpart on their staffs trying to “smear” our guys.

” Of course they do David. That’s just the point. With a law degree you can do something decent with your life instead of this bullshit attempt to destroy the lives of  your political opponents.Do you really think it makes any difference in our personal lives as to who runs the government.”

They stared at each other silently for a long time. Finally she got up and said, “There’s no need to hit on me. I’m sure there’s plenty of women around here who couldn’t care less about the way your life turns out.” And with that she slowly walked away.

David stared at the wall frowning. He was angry and annoyed, mostly annoyed. She had obviously hit some chord he had long ago submerged. He remembered watching this TV show when in college deciding on whether to go to law school. Seems a man on death-row was about to get a lethal injection when his lawyer came up with the exonerating evidence just before he was about to die. “How cool would that be” David thought at the time.

As he was musing, a man with a large mustache burst into the coffee room. “Hey Dave” he shouted, “I need that piece your doing like an hour ago on how Obama contradicts himself in his own speeches.” Yeah, Hank, I was just putting the finishing touches on it” replied David. “I’ll have it to you shortly.”  Then he scurried off to his office.

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