Shortly after the 2008 elections I was at a gathering where politics was being discussed. I made some comment that was critical of newly-elected President Obama that was overheard by a man standing nearby. He was either a campaign worker or an ardent Obama supporter because he came over to me and said, “Why are you criticizing Obama. We thought this is what you wanted.”  To which I replied, “You didn’t have to do it for me.”

Those of you that have read my previous entries might conclude that I am a Democrat. Absolutely not true. I like to consider myself an equal-opportunity political basher. I think both parties are so beholden to special-interest groups for campaign cash that if you don’t belong to those groups you can’t get a fair shake. The GOP is dependent on evangelicals (polite word for religious fanatics), anti-abortionists and big-money corporate interests. The Democrats on the other hand are totally dependent on unions and environmental zealots for their cash infusions. Not only that but the Democrats are such inept and incompetent politicians that when they have to run against Republicans it’s like the New York Yankees playing, not a triple-A, but a double-A minor league team. The only reason that Democrats win any elections is because of Republican wackiness in selecting candidates.

A good case in point is Obamacare. The Democrats held huge majorities in Congress after the 2008 elections and wanted to pass universal health care (certainly a laudable goal.) They could have passed a bill within months expanding Medicare to everyone, not just seniors. Those that couldn’t afford the Medicare premiums could have been put on Medicaid and they could have paid for it all by passing a value-added tax (sort of like a sales tax) the way it’s done throughout all of Europe and Canada. Voila, universal-health care.  The entire bill could have been written in less than 10 pages and could have passed easily within a few months. But that would have been too sensible.

Instead the Democrats screwed around for 2 years and wrote a 2600 page monstrosity  that is convoluted and virtually indecipherable, that the whole country hates, and that now hangs around their necks like a political albatross. And they have to go into the 2012 elections with this albatross

I think Obama has generally been an ineffective president. This is understandable since he had so little political experience. He was in the Senate for less than 2 years before he was running for the highest office in the land. Before that he was in the Illinois state senate for a short period of time. If he had to run for re-election against a sane, rational, pragmatic and mature individual of stature, he would probably lose in a landslide. Lucky for him though, he gets to run against one of those crazy kids vying for the GOP nomination. If he does make it ,with 4 years experience under his belt, perhaps he will be a better president.

As I’ve said, I think both parties are hopelessly compromised because they’re beholden to to special interests. Interestingly, there’s a web site called that is trying to find a middle way out of the morass we’re in. I know most Americans are more interested in who will be the next American Idol than who will be the next president but it still might pay to visit their site.

Anyway the latest news from the Republican foibles or follies as it where, seems to be that good old, lovable Newt no longer seems to be the flavor  of the month. Maybe people are finding out that he just isn’t all that cuddly anymore. In the meantime Ron Paul, the old crank, seems to be gaining traction. I’m told that Obama gets down on his prayer rug 5 times a day to plead for Ron Paul’s nomination. He should be so lucky.


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